Born in 1968 in Ontinyent (València). He studied Architecture at Universitad Politécnica de València, and Economics at Universitad de València.

In 1996 he created along with the architect Ramón Esteve the enterprise Babia Mobles, conceived to the edition of contemporary furniture.

In 2000, the company was sold to Gandía Blasco S.A., and they become share- holders of this last company. From that moment Pablo Gironés is part of the managing team as a Marketing and Product Director. He is in charge of the image, creativity and product: product strategy, catalogue, etc.

He has created and performed the projects for the showrooms of the company around the world: NYC, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Spain, etc, as well as all the stands at different furniture fairs.

From 2011 to 2015 he has worked as Creative Director for Punt Mobles, an enterprise which belongs to the investing team Zriser. In addition to this, he works with several companies of different industries for their marketing strategies as José Martínez-Medina, Mad Lab, Point, Nerinea or LZF.

Besides, he teaches some subjects related to Design Management, Strategy and Branding at CEU Cardenal Herrera University and at EASD.

Pablo Girones Office - Foto Pablo


by Sara Luz